Matthew C. Shuman
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This is the only place on the internet where his CD albums are available for purchase.  All compact discs contain all original music, composed, performed and produced by Matthew C. Shuman.

The music of Matthew C. Shuman is featured on Pandora, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more services. Matthew's original piano compositions were featured across the United States on The Weather Channel's Local on the 8s and have landed in the TOP 100 on iTunes and Amazon.  His piano pieces have been streamed over 6 million times (and counting) on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and many other digital music streaming services. 

Interact with Matthew's music below.  It is available to purchase as a CD, download as an mp3 or stream digitally.  You can also preview all pieces on each below.

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The Story of Life

Release Date: 04.04.23

1. Watching the Sunrise

2. Hopes and Dreams

3. Night Drive

4. The Story of Life

5. A Walk in the Woods

6. Mountain Hike

7. Thank You for the Memories

8. Trying to Understand

9. Missing You

10. Seeing You Again

11. Looking Up at the Sky

12. Living to See Tomorrow

13. Never the Same

14. Cherish Every Goodbye

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Release Date: 03.25.16

1. Before Dawn

2. Dancing in the Sun

3. Looking Back

4. Mount Rock Road

5. Everything Beautiful

6. Water Under the Bridge

7. Running in the Moonlight

8. Reservations

9. My Childhood Home

10. When Laura Smiles

11. Celebration

12. Turning Point

13. Saying Goodbye

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Sailing Away

Release Date: 04.04.13

1. Sai​ling Away

2. Atlantic Breeze

3. Calm Before the Storm

4. Island Festival

5. Late Night Walk

6. Into the East

7. Midnight Lullaby

8. Ocean Journey

9. Starlit Water

10. Thoughts about You

11. Moving On

12. Homeward Bound

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Falling into Place

Release Date: 10.11.11

1. Victory

2. Keep Smiling

3. A Second Chance

4. Unforgettable

5. White Water

6. Falling into Place

7. Running Out of Time

8. Star Gazing

9. Life’s Forever Changing

10. Weeping Willow

11. Running Out of Time (Remix)

12. Gate to Eternity

13. The Long Road Home

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Escape from Reality

Release Date: 01.25.11

1. Finding Freedom

2. Clear Thoughts

3. Escape from Reality

4. Lost in the Past

5. Persistence

6. A Final Goodbye

7. Chasing the Wind

8. A Walk on the Beach

9. Beyond the Clouds

10. Monday Morning Rain

11. A New Day

12. There’s Always Tomorrow

13. A Flickering Candle

14. Night Storm

15. People Watchin' 

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Natural Emotion

Release Date: 04.25.10

1. Terrace Leaves

2. Stormy Sea

3. Falling Snow

4. Difference of Opinion

5. Time Passing By

6. Mixed Emotions

7. My Love

8. My Beautiful Wife

9. Fading Memories

10. Fallen Snow

11. Feeling Lonely

12. Persistent Thought

13. Letting Go of the Past

14. Unconditional Love

15. Midnight Moonlight

16. Frosty Sunrise

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